Transitions In Health Care

Military families like yours might undergo a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) every two or three years. These moves across states and countries can add stress to already busy lives. By working with a health care team, you can keep your family healthy and happy adjusting to new spaces and faces. 


Downloadable PDFs


  • Switching Smoothly

    Make medical transitions smooth with these tips on how to involve children in the process.

    Switching Smoothly

  • Ready to Roll

    Learn some of the best ways to prepare for transitions between medical providers.

    Ready to Roll

  • Mindful Moving

    Use a checklist to plan an easy exit and entrance between medical teams.

    Mindful Moving

  • Dental Appointments

    Answering children’s questions about a dental visit can calm fears and lead to easy appointments.

    Dental Appointments

  • Preparing for a Visit

    Your child is growing every day—in every way—and there are many ways to continue keeping him healthy.

    Preparing for a Visit

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