Birthdays are a highlight of every child’s life, an exciting and eagerly anticipated event year after year and a cherished memory ever after. In military families, birthdays may be a reminder of current challenges. A parent may be deployed and unable to join the celebration in person. Or, the family may have just moved to a new location and not know many people yet. But with a little advance organizing of birthday celebration plans, these special days can be full of joy, no matter the circumstances.


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  • Old and New Birthday Traditions

    Birthdays present a special challenge in military families.

    Old and New Birthday Traditions

  • Celebrating When a Parent is Away

    It’s common in military families for a parent to be away from home when a birthday comes around.

    Celebrating When a Parent is Away

  • Simple Celebrations

    You don’t need a flashy party to make lasting memories!

    Simple Celebrations

  • New-to-Town Birthday Celebration

    Military families move a lot! Your children may be celebrating a birthday after one of these moves.

    New-to-Town Birthday Celebration

  • Additional Resources

    Helpful links related to Birthdays