Military to Civilian Life

When parents transition from military to civilian life, so do children. Your children are suddenly experiencing a lot of changes that are similar to military moves. They might even call this change a move. You know that joining civilian life is not just another move, but what you’ve learned during your military years will help your family adapt to this new phase. After all, change can be an adventure… and adventures can be exciting!


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  • It’s an Adventure!

    Help your whole family feel hopeful and excited as you adjust to another change together.

    It’s an Adventure!

  • Feelings & Communication

    Learn easy, everyday strategies to spark important conversations with your child and provide a sense of security.

    Feelings & Communication

  • Changes Big & Small

    Help children keep a sense of hope and excitement around the various changes that come their way.

    Changes Big & Small

  • Friendships

    Transitions bring all kinds of changes for children, especially making new friends (while still staying in touch with old friends).


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